The primary objective of the ISAP is to promote contemporary psychoanalysis and therapy for all. It offers a full  online training programme  for those who want to become psychoanalysts or therapists.





Becoming an ISAP member

Being an ISAP member is being an active partner




Developping and promoting psychoanalysis worldwide means building a strong network of members who will not only benefit from participating in the different events but who will also have the opportunity to continue building the network through their own local activities. This may be through organizing a local event, suggesting a topic, a guest or even opening a new EIPA school in your hometown. 

Our desire is to allow each person to access the knowledge that will lead them to personal freedom and ultimately to bettering not only themselves but the world that we live in. 

Get your membership now by sending us an email and we will contact you personally to discuss your needs and aspirations as an ISAP member.

This level of membership allows you to stay informed through our newsletter and receive a member's certificate. 

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