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ISAP is a non profit organization which promotes psychoanalysis and psychotherapy worldwide. It offers training, seminars and other events allowing a growing network of professionals to gather and learn from each other's experiences.





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The ISAP schools (EIPA) offer training in one, three or five years. The first year is available to a wide range of people who are interested in discovering the fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis. The following two years have specific practical training for those who would like to practice as a therapist. The final two years, year 4 and 5, are intensively turned towards psychoanalytical practice and allow the graduates to practice as psychoanalysts (depending on each country's regulations).


The schools also offer training in Ericksonian hypnosis and M.O.T which is eye movement therapy such as EMDR.

ISAP now offers the full training ONLINE! it's available to anyone without any specific prerequisites and allows you to get started on the path that will lead you to freedom from unconscious enslaving behaviour. This training programme is more than just acquiring theory, it's a complete personal development process which is why it includes personal feedback and communication with the professor. 

Once you have validated the first year training, you can continue onto the following training levels and become a therapist! There is personal work to be done and some reading but upon successful completion, you will receive your Diploma as a Therapist and / or Psychoanalyst


COVID-19 information

There is understandably much talk about the Covid-19 virus and indeed there are good reasons for this serious and dramatic health crisis to be on our minds. To add to this already very tense situation, we must now face an indefinite confinement which, even if the logic of isolation can be understood, will only aggravate the anxiety of the population. We now have the experience of China to know that the psychological damage in the aftermath will be very important. Indeed, for people who are already anxious, phobic, depressed, isolated, etc, psychological help is absolutely vital in this context which is why it is important to maintain this relationship with our patients or with our therapists so that we may welcome this situation with calm. It may seem impossible but let us remember that humanity has already experienced similar periods and has always survived because of our capacity for adaptation and our constant evolution. Despite the alarming contamination rate, this very critical period can be an opportunity for all of us to take a step back rather than get carried away by the flood of anxiety. We are also, in times of evolution, of transformation. We have known for a long time, our modern lifestyles and societies have alienated us not only from nature but also from our own natures as humans. Might the adversity in this time of hardship allow us to emerge from our collective denial and seek within ourselves the ability to transform, to adapt to a new reality which is necessary not only in the face of a health crisis, but also because the climate crisis requires it. In short, we must reinvent ourselves not only as individuals but also as a society, seek out our creativity which is source of life and transformation allowing humanity to evolve towards new lifestyles, closer to our nature.

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